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Im Do What More People Want


Want to be more successful? So I called my friend Daniel Coyleauthor of the best books on getting better at anything: Hours are vital but you can get to mastery faster — much faster — by practicing the right way. But flow is Im Do What More People Want the best way to learn. You want to be stretched to the edge of your ability. It needs to be hard. The more time you spend there, the faster you learn. You want to practice where you are on the edge of your ability, reaching over and over again, making mistakes, failing, realizing those mistakes and reaching again.

More on the best way for you to practice here. Spend only one third of your time studying.

The other two-thirds of your time you want to be doing the activity. Get your nose out of that book.

Whatever it is you want to be the best at, be doing it. Our brains evolved to learn by doing things, not by hearing about them. More on how to shift from reading to doing here. More on how to find your sweet spot for learning here. The people who combined commitment with a little bit of practice, their skills What More People off the charts.

Commit to the long haul. Even works for mice:. More on how long Want commitment can take you to the next level here. Study the best to be the best. When we stare at someone we want to become and we have a really clear idea of where we want to be, it unlocks a tremendous amount of energy. I can do it. More on finding the best mentor for you here. Napping is a high performance activity.