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Gay Sissy Hypno


Log in or Sign up. Mar 31, 1. I have done a great deal of research that I would like to share with you all. Having suffered from what I'm Gay Sissy to discuss, I desired to learn more about it. Here's what I found The interesting thing about this particular genre is, with of course a few exceptions, that its origin Hypno very discreet. Very little literally none of the content in the genre is created by an identifiable adult entertainment company. It seems to be created by any random or any given person.

Now, of course this alone doesn't imply anything heinous; though, when you examine the content and messages being sent through this genre, it's rather concerning. Of course there is the obvious, degrading, humiliation, subservient message that it sends, but there is far more to it. It contains a certain progression after 'vanilla porn': There are even MP3s and various audio hypnosis that Hypno be found.

Certainly, what's most nefarious is the hypnosis porn. These are not half-serious, mediocritally created hypnosis videos. There are a great deal of videos out there that match a standard equivalent of extreme hypnotherapy. Typical hypnosis, like self-improvement videos I. Many of the sissy hypnosis videos consist of the same "radical therapies" that were once used, and is now illegalto 'cure' homosexuality. They consist of a rapid bombardment Gay Sissy Hypno images, often laced with suggestive texts sometimes unseen unless studied with care as well as having the 'trance voice'.

Even more, many of these contain one, two, or even three subliminal voices which the viewer is unaware of, and Gay Sissy Hypno the suggestions being said with even greater force.

In relation to the aforementioned and now illegal homosexual hypnotherapy: After reading many of the stories given by gentlemen here, it appears that many of them felt similar results after viewing the sissy hypnosis. This is because both of these function on the same premise, possessing the same goal: This can absolutely be achieved through conditioning and continual use.

What causes Gay Sissy negative pushback is the viewers Gay Sissy Hypno and emotional convictions. If a straight man suddenly finds himself being "Hypno" by becoming transgender or being with another man, his mind wants to reject the stimulus he is feeling. The stimulus is simply not natural and repulsive to his mind, but the stimulus felt is the product and result of the triggers derived and implanted from the hypnosis.

He has no way of controlling it. Let me clarify the difference between this and the coolridge effect. Conditioning generally stays relevant only in the P. Over time, the tendencies of P.

"Gay Sissy Hypno," this does not necessarily translate to being aroused outside of viewing P. Of course, it is true that if one becomes consumed and obsessed about a 'greater meaning' within their developed fetish, rather than just thinking of it as a fetish and nothing more, the fear, anxiety and other clash of emotions can start translating that fantasy into a false reality.

Triggers implanted via hypnotherapy are not only 'triggered' through porn, but any given situation in real life. These videos implant triggers in the viewers mind. For example, often when hypnotherapy is used for helping smokers quit, they implant certain triggers, either words, sights, sensations and such.

This trigger appears whenever they feel the urge to smoke so as to help override the desire. Consider this within the context of sissy hypnosis and in relation to sexual desires. Gay Sissy Hypno

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There was a certain hypnosis video I Gay Sissy Hypno, which I won't post here but can provide Gay Sissy Hypno anyone who is interested, where when you focus the underlying audio, one of the subliminal messages i. Think of the implications and the intentions of the creator of such a video A creator whom is entirely anonymous. A creator whom is versed in the study and production of hypnosis. Those disclaimers at the start of the videos are NOT fallacious- they are mandated by law when hypnotherapy is being used.

These are not frivolous, Gay Sissy Hypno videos. If the viewer is totally compliant and acceptant of the subliminal suggestions, they can create new neurological paths over time and reinforcement.

The results of viewing these videos can result in legitimate emotional atrophy. This can be seen in the recorded results of such therapy being used on homosexuals in the past, as well as my from own experience and others on this website. Obviously, the "straight-therapy" was forced upon those people for long periods of time- but in any respect, Gay Sissy Hypno results are ultimately the same.

It is utterly disturbing that these videos have no origin. Producing one of the higher quality, hour long, sissy hypno videos can take months. It also requires a fair amount of technology and knowledge in using thereof.

I am unable to comment on the extent or cost of said technology, but if I learn anything more in that regard, I'll surely mention it. I hope that whomever reads this may gain some benefit from it.

Also, if any of you Gay Sissy Hypno to add your own thoughts or knowledge on the subject, it'd be good to get a conversation going. It's very hard to find any information on the creators and the origin of this porn genre, which is what I'm most curious about. I can't escape the feeling that there is something else going on behind closed doors. These aren't casual, sunshine and dandelion P. 'gay sissy hypno' Search,...

Although, perhaps to the creators Mar 31, 2. Obviously, a healthy sane person isn't going to get into that twisted garbage but they prey on the damaged, broken and vulnerable. Really disgusting and in the case of these "mistresses" who are not anonymous it's a clear indication of bigoted hatred toward men and malicious intent. ThemadfapperMar 31, Mintcandy Gay Sissy Hypno, sneketFapstronautCumsmonaut and Gay Sissy Hypno others like this. Mar 31, 3.

Hmm interesting, I had no clue such hypno videos existed elsewhere. Even more interesting how the two are related in some ways.

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Would you say they work hand in hand? One leads to the other? This is a completely arbitrary and facetious observation, but I wonder if those creating these are some form of extreme feminists. Fighting the patriarchy hidden behind enemy lines type stuff.

On a more serious note, I don't support censorship or anything like that, but these videos are ehhh. I genuinely think these are incredibly harmful and many people watch them. I don't know what should be done, but hopefully a few people read this and realize they might be suffering from watching such videos.

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Sissy is a pejorative term,...

I would like to send me the video you are talking about, it's interesting as suspicion is growing in my head for quite some time. I want to find Gay Sissy Hypno particular video i watched a long time ago but this is impossible. The video i'm talking about had 25th frame in it.

Watch Sissy Hypnosis gay porn...

I wonder how many videos with 25 frame i've watched to warp my mind to the point of the severe anxiety i'm Gay Sissy Hypno. I can't imagine what other tecniques they use. Even when i blocked access to pretty much any site i can imagine do you know that you can find P. I didn't know until it was the only source of novelty arround. And you either like what you get and warp even more or you get disgusted with yourself to the very end. There is some kind of trend of teenage girls showing their outfit "Gay Sissy Hypno" the day that started poping up in suggestions, there are the asmr videos which look so wrong,i even stumbled on a video where a woman is hooked on a milking unit tied to metal bars.

And these videos go past the age restriction of youtube, just anyone can watch them. I wonder on what grounds they are even allowed to be still there.

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Mar 31, 5. Apr 1, 6. Good writeup there Mikey. StopFappingManApr 1, Apr 1, 7. Bowcaster "Gay Sissy Hypno," Apr 1, Epic FightDeleted Accountblackheart and 3 others like this.

Apr 1, 8.