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Dax Daniels Gets Opened Up


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Katie C. KnightWest Covina / USAExactly one month ago, the Maverick Men announced the retirement of big-dicked bareback gay porn star Dax Daniels. One of our most favorite hung tops is back!Cross-Stitchfollow...
Anna K. TownsendWoonsocket / USADax Daniels is on the casting couch this week, and he lets the casting director know right away that he is up for whatever. Dax is a motivated guy, and when pressed on whether or not he might do gay porn, he doesn't hesitate at all.Hot air ballooningfollow...
Ann R. RoderickYorba Linda / USAa reliable friend, a partner for life, mutual understanding and respect, caress and loveRusty trombonefollow...
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Dorcas T. LewisMarshall / USAI am a tender and sweet lady.Glory hole (sexual slang)follow...
Monica J. MoorePharr / USA

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Sallie C. DensonDemopolis / USA

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Marie K. SmithKittery / USA

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DAX The Jack Daniels Diares

Dax Daniels Gets Opened Up

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