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Randy Buddy Choking The Chicken


My mom and I were discussing this very topic a Randy Buddy Choking The Chicken weeks ago during one of our cooking talks. She reminded me that as a kid she had to go out with her mom once a week and choke a chicken for dinner. Now in my generation "choking your chicken" doesn't mean the same thing, so naturally I had to stifle a laugh and begged her to change the topic.

How many other phrases had become "different" from when our folks were young? Can you think of another phrase your parents might have used that is different from today's slang?

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Needless to say, we never did finish that conversation about how to properly prepare chicken. I can think of one phrase that totally cracks me up, but it's more geographical. Rooter and Roto-Rooter are common names.

In Australia root is slang for sex, as in "Me and the missus had a good root last night.

Now in my generation "choking...

And Spook, glad you felt that way with mom. My son can't handle any sex talk with me. Too bad though, he's gonna get the dirt from me instead of his high school teacher. Did I just say that?!

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I still snicker when I see Mr. But have you ever waved to him as he drives past?

Uh, we were talking about the best way to handle live chickens. I ain't going to talk about choking my chicken with mom. If I ever did in fact do such a thing.

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