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Adam Loves His Dick


F or a long time, I didn't actively seek out Adam Sandler films. And whenever I saw one, I came out with mixed feelings. The films themselves could be sentimental, or tasteless, and sometimes both. There was violence and farting. There was smooching, but also ogling.

There was a lot of ogling, and that was also something I had mixed feelings about.

There might sometimes have been a touch of homosexual panic. And that moment when Sandler farts in his boss's face in Click. I guess I mentioned the farting. But there was something else about Sandler. True, I didn't always like his films. But there was something I really loved about him. He always seems to play men who are emotionally repressed, to the point of desperation, "Adam Loves His Dick" who are finding it difficult to grow up, men who have sailed far away from their boyhoods and now feel stranded, unable to get to grips with the second act of their lives.

Men, in other words, I suppose, rather like me. And rather like millions of other men, too.

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